River Charities

Having maintained a deep connection to our local community since opening in 2001, we’ve witnessed the difference that a helping hand can make with our own eyes for decades. This impact has inspired us to widen the scope of our monthly charity donations even further, which now includes initiatives from all over the country.

After all, we don’t see charity as just giving back to the community that supports us – we see it as a moral obligation to help those in need.
Regardless of where they’re from.

Previous Charities of the Month

While we believe that good deeds should never turn into a PR tool, we’re proud of the impact we make. We also recognise the positive influence that comes from sharing good things.

Want to extend a helping hand? Look below to see the initiatives we’ve recently supported, along with information on how you can get involved.

Mar 2021

Charity of the Month I Voiceless