About Dylan

After gaining extensive experience in the real estate industry through his time in property management, where he developed time management skills, honed communication abilities, and mastered client management processes, Dylan Abela now brings a diverse skill set to his role as Leverage Agent to Team Birrell.

Responsible for a range of tasks over the sale process, Dylan has found his niche within the buyer management space, where he’s become an asset to not only his team, but his clients.

“A large part of buyer management is communication and making sure that they’re looked after throughout the process. When it comes to matching people with property, I take pride in assessing their individual needs and situation and finding a home that’s right for them – even if it’s not with River.”

Outside of work, Dylan is passionate about playing AFL and soccer with his mates and enjoys hanging out with his Labrador, Bear.

Dylan's listings

Dylan's listings

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