Property Improvement Plan

Whether you’re preparing for sale or simply looking to maximise the value of your home, carrying out renovations and updates can bring a long list of headaches. They can be costly, delayed, and – in the worst case – fail to recoup the initial investment.

That’s why we created our award-winning Property Improvement Plan.

What is a Property Improvement Plan (PiP)?

Backed by decades of experience and market-leading research, your Property Improvement Plan (PiP) is a bespoke, comprehensive roadmap to maximising the value of your home.

This is achieved through careful, considered renovations custom-tailored to your home, with a long history of stunning transformations and excellent returns.

Plus, we’ll provide a range of options ranging from affordable cosmetic updates to extensive floorplan overhauls, so there are roadmaps for every home and budget.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in having your property undertake a River Property Improvement Plan, please let us know via the form below. You can also call our Customer Service team on 02 4934 4111 for more information.

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